Research Paper Purpose Statement Writing Ideas

A paper without a clear purpose is a waste of time for the person writing it and anyone who might read it. Still, everyday students across the globe begin typing away with no idea of where they’re going. Some don’t know the mistake they’re making while others feel they have no choice. How can you write a purpose statement when you don’t know where to begin? We’re here to help. This article will provide you with purpose statement ideas so you can avoid wasting time and get the best grade possible.

What Purpose Statement Means

Before we can go into suggestions, we need to look at what a purpose statement is. The statement is supposed to tell readers what to expect from the paper. It should address the goal of the essay and its scope. It focuses the reader’s attention, so they don’t waste time looking for something that the writer doesn’t intend to address. Please note that a purpose statement is not a thesis. The purpose statement is the question you’re asking, and the thesis is the answer to the question.

Purpose Statement Samples

Below are segments of imaginary purpose statements. They should give you some idea of how a purpose statements look and sound.

  1. This paper will look at the impact of static electricity on lab rats.
  2. The essay will be looking at males between the ages of 18 and 29 specifically.
  3. Using chronological analysis the essay will compare wealth over time.
  4. The aim of this paper is to show the effects of our latest drug on test subjects.
  5. Qualitative analysis will be used to show the effect of a vegetarian diet on canines.
  6. This article will compare how male and female subjects react to sleep deprivation.
  7. The research done was limited to college age Canadians.
  8. Our work is concerned with the impact of popular imagery on self-esteem.
  9. Using medical reports from drug users this paper shows the negative impact of drug use on physical health.
  10. The research in this paper was aimed at finding the unspoken beliefs of suburban wives.
  11. This essay reviews the current literature available on brain transplants.
  12. The reasoning behind this paper is a desire to understand the brain's neural networks.
  13. This paper looks out three of the most popular folk remedies for the common cold.
  14. In this article the religious beliefs of popular musicians from the 1970s are examined.
  15. This paper shows the impact of driving restrictions on congestion in Paris.

Creating Your Purpose Statement

Hopefully, those samples got your brain working. The purpose statement is a framing device that affects how the rest of the paper is written and read. If you write a clear and targeted statement, then the rest of the work can become much easier. In fact, the statement of purpose should come before research even begins. Without an explicit statement, you might find yourself grasping in the dark. Be proactive and light the way with proper planning.