Recommendations On How To Do A Research Paper Cover Page

Lots of research papers have been down-scored or rejected due to an inaccurately formatted cover page which also identified as a title page. Small particulars like font type, font size, and positioning will negatively influence your total marks if not rendered correctly.

5 Checklists to Ensure your Cover Page Meet the Necessities it Should

The Title

This is the major component that will draw readers. Have the least probable words that sufficiently illustrate the contents of the term paper, categorize the major issues, and be precise, clear, detailed, and complete. People will not comprehend complex terms. Keep it easy, but chic, and attempt to create it as unforgettable and probable so it will fix permanently in their brain.

The Font

It is very difficult to read content that is written in the incorrect font, such as too small or too big letters, wrong colors and fancy writing style. The font should be looking professional. Use a smaller, classic font and bigger letters just for the title. The paper’s title page contents should be a maximum standard font of 12 and spacing one or two lines. Keep away from using abbreviations and pointless words. Do not design the title content with bold, italics, underlining, or quotation marks.

Write Down Every Essential Detail

Write down the course name, your name, the teacher’s name and the date. Set the title of your research paper in about the center of the cover page and your name below.

Modify the Color of the Page

Certainly, you cannot apply bright blue or green. To create it appear elegant and classy, you can compose the page pale pink, pastel or any light shade.

Positioning of the Title and Subtitle

Keep in mind to place your complete title and subtitle within inverted commas.

Above recommendations should be followed by students to make a winning research paper cover page. Title page that does not stick to these rules may be rejected or disqualified.