Term Papers: Topics And Tips

Term papers are type research papers that teachers give when the school semester is ending. Term papers are usually given to students to track or evaluate the students’ penance and gauge the level of the knowledge that students have acquired. In most cases, a term report or scientific report needs students to have vast knowledge. 

Term reports require a student to carry out extensive research, and they have good writing skills. A student should do this report in a well-researched, organized, analytical, and well-written manner.

Topics for term reports

Lecturers or instructors normally give students topics that are in line with your course. However, there are times when you can also select your topics. If you are one of those students who find it hard to get topics for their term papers, you do not need to worry; one can get articles from the internet, reading newspaper articles, magazines, and surfing the internet. These are places where one can also get ideas for their term paper. Ensure that the topic you select will interest you and have at least an idea of what you are writing about. Once you have chosen the best topic, then writing the term paper is easier and more fun.

Here are things to consider when selecting a term paper topic.

  • Resources: visit your community library or school library and check out for available resources. One can also look for online resources. Ensure that you have hard copy books and any other materials that you can use to reference your work.
  • Length: another thing to consider when selecting a topic in length. Some of the questions to ask yourself is the article going to be five pages short or ten pages long? When you consider the length, you will determine if your subject will be narrow or broad.
  • Complexity: ensure that your topic is explainable, regardless of how complicated your topic will be. If you need any help, do not hesitate to ask the experts. Ask your lecturer to explain to specific sections of your topic that you have not grasped.

Starting a term paper

Before you begin:

  1. Ensure that you follow and understand the instructions that are given to you.
  2. Make sure you seek clarity before you can start doing any writing work or research work.
  3. Make sure you write your research paper on time.
  4. Do not wait for the deadline to come close, and then you start writing your work.

Term paper outline

One should first write down the outline before and also when writing and researching your term report. It will serve as a basis from which one will create his work. There are various kinds of templates that one can select from, but your lecture or instructor will need you to follow an essay format that he has chosen for you. For a standard essay, the major parts are their body, conclusion, and introduction.

One should have good writing skills when writing and organizing their ideas. Below is the term format that one should follow.

Cover page: writing the cover page, one should align their name, teacher’s name, course number, and the date of submission of the coursework.

Abstract: usually, the abstract has a word limit of between 100 to 500 words. It is the part that you describe your work.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Results
  • Discussion


Before you can start to write your research paper, you need to know and understand how work will flow. And you also need to understand the content of each section of your term paper.