Thesis Statement Examples to Get You Started with Your Writing

A thesis statement is a very key statement that gives direction to your writing. Therefore, you should know how to write it. When readers start reading your paper, they are looking for the main highlight because it tells them what to expect throughout the writing. For that reason, you should make sure that it is clear and succinct.

Remember to write your thesis statement towards the end of your introductory paragraph. It should tell you what you are doing with your chosen topic. The statement should tackle the topic head-on and give direction that will be essential in developing the rest of the paper. Here are typical topics and sample thesis statements:

  1. Video games for Children. Children should be allowed to play video games because they help them to develop their cognitive and learning skills.
  2. Technology impact on education. Technology and the internet have revolutionized learning in our world today. It is a growing trend that is now embraced at all levels of learning around the globe.
  3. Learning for the Disabled in Mainstream classes. People living with disability should be included in mainstream classes. It helps them feel part of the society and this boosts their mentality and perception about themselves and life.
  4. Cyber Security. There is a growing need for enhancing cybersecurity with the advent of technology and the internet. Identity theft and other malpractices are on the increase with the sharing of personal data on e-commerce platforms.
  5. Balancing Work and Life. With today’s busy lives, employees need to be deliberate about ensuring a work-life balance. Our lives do not entirely depend on what we do but being with other people and family as well.
  6. HIV among women. Women are more vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS due to lack of access to requisite healthcare and low economic status. The situation can be alleviated by empowering women economically and providing better healthcare.
  7. The future of marketing. With the continued development of digital media, marketing is shifting away from conventional media. Digital platforms are providing wide marketing avenues for products in the world today.
  8. Marijuana legalization and Use. Marijuana should be legalized for medical reasons. With proper regulation and laws, it can serve as a good alternative to the treatment of various health complications.
  9. Women and Politics. Women’s innate nurturing ability makes them suitable candidates for political leadership. They are good managers and leaders in taking care of the scarce resources owned by any nation.
  10. Online Learning. Studying online is the future of learning. The world today continues to change and with the advent of technology and the internet, learners don’t need to travel to learn.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to write a thesis statement will put you in a better position to execute all your written assignments. Show the reader the path and standpoint you have taken for your paper. This is the main objective of writing a thesis statement. You will use it to guide you in writing from the beginning to the end of your paper. Use these samples to get you started.