Who Can Help Me Choose an Original Research Paper Topic?

When one starts an academic project, a good topic is one of the most important things that require a lot of attention from the very beginning. Sometimes, you receive research paper topic suggestions from your teacher and sometimes, you are told to choose a topic yourself.

Where to Search for Help with a Research Paper Topic

  • Turn to your teacher/supervisor.
  • Even if you are told to do it on your own, you can still ask for help. After all, you are not asking them to do your work instead of you. What you need is rather guidance and some directions regarding the best choice. In any case, your teacher is here to help you cope with the situation.

  • Turn to professional academic writing helpers.
  • These specialists can be found on They provide writing help in different forms, for payment or for free, depending on a particular resource you manage to find. Although many people think that such professionals are needed mostly to write research projects instead of other people and do proofreading, they are able to help you choose a unique paper topic or create a nice title, too.

  • Search for topic generators.
  • You can even turn to a machine and receive good results. Even though the suggestions such machines offer are not that brilliant, you can find them rather useful.

  • Search for suggestions on the Web.
  • There are websites that are dedicated to academic writing and questions connected to it. Quite often, they post lists of topic suggestions for essays, term papers, dissertations, etc. Looking through them can be a good idea if you are searching for something to give you inspiration and fresh ideas.

Choosing a Research Paper Topic among Suggestions

Now, when you have found places where they suggest you interesting ideas, you need to know what exactly to choose. This can show you how many times this idea has already emerged on the Internet and how much you need to alternate it to create a unique project.

It’s very important to choose a topic idea that you really like. It’s one of the main criteria together with the desirable uniqueness of this idea and its novelty from the point of view of the explored subject.